Friday, December 10, 2010

Almost there!

Although we didn't plan to stay in a hotel, we weren't really complaining too much, because it was better than being outside freezing our butts of in a tent!  We rode the next day right into the start of the Florida Keys, not before stopping at Alabama Jack's for some delicious conch salad and a beer or two. We were sitting outside at a table on the deck, and we had fun trying to fend off the local seagulls, hungry for whatever they could get. Chunks of ice launched in the gulls' general direction seemed to work well!

Another picture from Miami, with Isabella and Sofia, our beautiful hostesses.

Lunch before we got into the Keys. Luckily there weren't any seagulls trying to steal our lunch at the moment.

We rode through the beginning of the keys and camped on Key Largo, pretty close to a shopping center with a 24-hour Kmart, which happened to be playing 24-hours of Christmas songs. It's quaint at first, but at 3am when all you want to do is sleep, it gets old.

Entering the keys!

The next day, we got a late start, then we stopped for coffee.  We were hoping to make it further than we did, but we had an epic bout of flat tires, brought on by Key Largo's copious amounts of careless drivers throwing glass bottles out the windows. I even got a 2 inch nail in one of my tires!  Even though we didn't get as far as we'd have liked, we found a really nice campsite near Layton on Long Key on a hiking trail.  Our neighbors, however, were noisy, obnoxious, and bigtime night owls. They were vultures, actually (literally), and they were flapping their huge wings, and landing and taking off all night, squawking, and trying pretty hard to keep us up.

One of the bike-only bridges through the keys. I could get used to this!

The next day, we hopped on our bikes, set on making the 70 miles remaining to Key West!!

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