Thursday, September 23, 2010

Bangor, ME: The launch pad

So, we survived the drive up from Florida. We're currently in Bangor, ME, where we dropped off the rental car this morning (it was cheaper). We took a day off today to recover from the 33-hour drive (uh, yeah) and to try to do a bit more planning.  Tomorrow we'll start biking and will head to Bar Harbor, ME and Acadia National Park. It's about 60 miles.

Today was great - we took it easy and slept in, then got some fried clams and a lobster roll. Yum! Really looking forward to the cuisine for the next few hundred miles.  We also stopped by the Sea Dog Brewpub, which is just a few miles from where we're staying.   We had a few beers and some dinner -
Ed had some kind of salad with bleu cheese and apples and chicken, and I got some cham chowder (chowda). You might know Sea Dog for their blueberry-flavored Blue Paw Wheat Ale, although I'm not sure whether or not they distribute west of the Mississippi.

The weather up here is ridiculously gorgeous - during the day today it was about 65 or 70 and sunny, and the evenings are around 50. Perfect! (although the forecast for tomorrow is rainy... boo) Here's hoping for great weather for the rest of the trip. Stay tuned!

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