Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Moving Day

Today we moved Ed out of his apartment and into a storage unit. Thank God for furniture dollies and elevators! I'm keeping my apartment because I'll be coming back here for school after the bike trip, so that means we don't have to move my 7,000 books and 40 bikes (ok, I'm probably exaggerating).

Last minute preparations are crazy. It seems like I've been working harder/more in the past week since I quit my job than I was before I quit.  There are still a few things we'd like to get done before we go... thankfully we have a few days in Florida to relax and gather our marbles before we set off for Maine.  The to-do list is getting shorter (I hope) which means we're about ready to leave.

We're headed out of Houston tomorrow, probably in the late morning.  Here's hoping for nice traffic. I'll try to post from the road.  In the mean time, I should start packing!

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