Friday, October 1, 2010

Freeport, Maine

Today we took a much-needed day off. We’re in Freeport, which is apparently the home of LL Bean. Everyone has been telling us to stop by there, so I guess we’re somewhat obligated. The flagship store has its own parking garage, so I guess it’s pretty popular. This town is like an outlet mall turned quaint tourist town. Seriously, everything is an outlet. Clothes, shoes, chocolate, jewelry, housewares, wine. We stopped by an outlet wine store last night to pick up some tasty Cabernet Sauvignon, and talked with the lady working there, Deb. Nice lady. Thanks for the wine!

We heard today and tonight are supposed to be rainy, so we were excited to take the day off. We’re getting some laundry and grocery shopping done today (when it rains on you for a week straight, everything starts to smell like mildew. Especially Ed) and generally relaxing and not riding our bikes. We’re staying in a little cottage motel - it was the cheapest place we could find in the area. It’s cute but it has an interesting smell, and the whole cottage (which is approximately 12 square feet) is slanted. Oh well; it’s a roof and a bed, and that’s the important part.

Ed also wanted to watch the Aggies lose last night. To be fair, it was a really good game and I was convinced they were going to pull it off a couple times. Those QB turnovers were killer. Anyways, the weather tomorrow and the next few days is supposed to be better (sunny! Can you believe it?) so we’re excited to get back on the road. Hopefully we won’t run into too much of that weather that’s flooding the Carolinas and DC. Good thing we didn’t leave any earlier, I guess. We’re 2 or 3 days from leaving Maine, we think. We also have to stop tomorrow and watch my Longhorns play Oklahoma; our loss to UCLA last week was pretty nasty, so I’m not sure what to expect.

Yesterday we rode a nice route through some backroads. We stopped and talked with some chickens on a farm (see photo on Flickr) and we also stopped at a little organic farm and got about 6 or 7 different apples as well as some cider and cheese. Wish we had more space to carry stuff like this; I love stopping at those little roadside organic stands! We sat outside and taste-tested all the apples before we were on our way. We had about half an hour of rain yesterday - not too bad. The hills seem to have abated a little bit as we get into southwestern Maine - they’re not nearly as murderous as the ones we saw near Bangor and Bar Harbor. Or maybe we’ve been getting stronger?

We should be posting up some more pictures on the Flickr account today, so stay tuned, and pray for sun!

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Amanda and Nick said...

Hey Vanessa and Ed. (Vanessa sounds better first, as compared to Ed and Vanessa...sorry Ed) first off...Thanks for the mention of us in your post, and about killing aliens. Second...I hope their arent too many tourists in Freeport. And Third...You guys are hauling ass it seems. Although I honestly don't remember when you guys were here, but either way...I hope its been going good and Nick and I plan to check up on your blog often. I hope the weather for you isn't how it is here...raaiin rain RAIN! oh..and wind! and humidity. Have a good next few days and some tail winds if any and sunshine!