Monday, October 18, 2010

Pie in my pocket

We had our first ride-a-long buddy today. Vanessa's friend Liz drove down from New Haven, CT with a bike and some panniers for a 3 day fun ride.
We started the day with a nutritious breakfast: hot dogs and pie. About .35 miles into our ride, we happened upon a mom and pop pie stand. We told ourselves that we are burning plenty of calories every day, so what's the harm in eating pie for breakfast? We also bought a strawberry rhubarb pie to eat for dinner. Liz decided to stow the pie that she bought in her jersey pocket. This choice in pie storage led to Liz writing a song about having a pie in her pocket.
Eventually, Liz came to depend upon her pocket for stowing fresh produce as well. That is a cucumber in her pocket.

Once we actually got on the road, we had some great weather and a friendly tail wind. The leaves were falling all around us, so we tried to catch the leaves as we passed. I only succeeded in catching the leaves in my face, though.

We rode alongside the Delaware River all day, so we didn't have to depend on the map as much as we normally do. Along the river, we saw the gigantic cooling towers of a nuclear (noo-cue-laar) power plant, which was an interesting break in the scenery.

All, in all, it was a very pleasant day of riding, all shared with good company. Towards the end of the day, we scouted out a great park for setting up camp, ate our pie for dinner, and slept like babies.

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