Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Pictures! And stuff!

At the pumpkin patch in Portsmouth, NH (The First United Methodist Church - see Ed's previous post). Thanks again for the strawberry rhubarb jelly... so good!

Riding through New Hampshire today (10/5/10), before we got rained on.

View from our campsite in Kingston, NH as the sun was going down.  Not too shabby!

Can't you tell? The sign behind us totally says 'Bienvenue. Welcome to
Massachusetts'. We gotta get better at the self-portrait thing.

So, I guess the photos kind of sum up the past few days.  We've been riding through a few tiny states, which gives us lots of opportunities to practice our picture taking, but doesn't give us much time to spend in each state. It would have been nicer to hang out more in New Hampshire and Massachusetts, but every new state brings us closer to warm weather and (hopefully) less rain.

Also, wanted to mention the General Store in East Derry, NH. We rode past it, smelled something delicious, and turned around because the food smelled too good to pass up.  The pizza and calzones were fantastic, and we were really impressed with the beer selection!  Kind of wish I had my car with me so I could have gone shopping! And we had a great time talking to the chef (the cause of the delicious smell was pulled pork in the making, apparently) and some of the local folks.

Tonight we're staying near Littleton, Mass., apparently at the oldest continuously running hostel in the USA. Friendly folks! We also met some bikers (motorcyclists, that is) who are riding around the continent. They took a whole year off for their trip, too. I'm kinda jealous. Maybe next time!

Tomorrow we should be getting into Connecticut already. Pray for sun!

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