Monday, October 4, 2010

New Hampshire!

We just crossed into New Hampshire!  We're sitting in a coffee shop (Breaking New Grounds) in Portsmouth, NH. Tasty coffee and food! And free wifi.  There are a few pictures on the Flickr account (see the photo feed above) .. for some reason I couldn't upload them here.

We spent the last couple days enjoying nice weather (read: no rain), although it's been a little chilly. Ed can't handle the cold very well, poor guy.

I've been enjoying a new rain jacket - when we were in Freeport, Maine, I found a Patagonia store (maker of the jacket I started the trip with) and decided to ask them if they could do anything about the liner of my jacket (which is 5-6 years old, dirty, holey, and has been through a lot), which was starting to delaminate.  They said it was a warranty issue and that they'd replace it for free. So, thanks to Patagonia for the new jacket... it's great!

A couple days ago we stopped at a nice pub in Standish, ME and had some great beer while watching UT lose to Oklahoma. There's always next year, I guess.  Nice of those guys to let us watch the game that probably nobody else in Maine cared about (no comments from Ed's dad here!)

Today we've got a great tailwind so we're making good time so far. We stopped at the ocean this morning and it wasn't nearly as cold as I was expecting, although I didn't jump in or anything.  Hoping to make 50-60 miles today.  We'll probably be out of New Hampshire tomorrow...crazy! It seems like Maine took us forever.  All these tiny states are really a morale booster! Cheers!


Troy said...

Glad to see ya'll are still on the move. Post more pics, I need some way to vicariously have an interesting life.

Guayo said...

I enjoy your blog so much and look forward to reading it everyday. Of course I enjoyed the demise of the cornudos, albeit the score. I was hoping for another 60 plus game. Now we just have to pray for no turnovers agaisnt the hogs.
Be careful!!!!

Guayo said...

San Isidro is with ya`ll

Craig said...

Sounds like fun. I personally don't remember this "game" you speak of but I do remember beer...
Hope the weather is better for you than it is for us here in DC.